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Kick Off Meeting | Aarhus 2013

Kick Off Meeting

Aarhus, Denmark


Dear partners of COMIQ

We welcome you to the first consortium meeting in the COMIQ network, the Kick-Off Meeting, which takes place in Aarhus, Denmark, 22-23 November 2013. At the meeting all scientific partners will present their node and the research training project intended for each of the 13 future COMIQ fellows. 

Friday evening we will have COMIQ dinner at a restaurant in downtown Aarhus, Restaurant Mefisto. (Please let us know if you are a vegetarian or have allergies that the restaurant should take into consideration.) 

Also on the programme is the network partner meeting. Here, we should discuss any relevant matters (such as recruitment strategy forwards, budget, rules etc.) and if you have suggestions to the agenda please let us know.

Financial Information

COMIQ management will pay hotels and flight tickets for one Scientific person and one COMIQ-dedicated administrative person if such a person exists and would like to participate. (This is probably less relevant for partners from institutions with a lot of EU experience.) Further participants are welcome, but will not be payed by the Management funds! However, we will be happy to help booking hotel rooms. 

Here is the Travel Reimbursement Form (NEW. Send all tickets and original receipts afterwards, both electronic scans and physical copies. (Type in date of birth instead of CPR number.) 


HALL 9.00 9.45 Registration
AUD 9.45 10.15 Introduction
HALL 10.15 10.45 Coffee break
AUD 10.45 12.00 PP 1,2,3
HALL 12.15 13.30 Lunch
AUD 13.30 14.45 PP 4,5,6
HALL 14.45 15.15 Coffee Break
AUD 15.15 16.30 PP 7,8,9
PHYS 18.30 Dinner and Social Event
AUD 9.00 10.30 PP 10,11,12,13
10.30 12.30 Network Partner Meeting
HALL 12.30 13.30 Lunch
HALL 13.30 13.45 Closing Remarks
AUD: The AIAS Auditorium
AUDside: Outside the AIAS Auditorium
KOLL: The AIAS meeting room
PHYS: Department of Physics and Astronomy
PP: Project presentations
10 min group presentation
10 min project presentation
5 min discussion/questions
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