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2nd COMIQ Training School and Practical Course

Thank you for four great days in Ulm

2nd COMIQ Training Event


The 2nd COMIQ Training School / Practical Course will take place at Wissenschaftszentrum Schloss Reisensburg in the first week of June (1–4 June 2015). 



Download the program in pdf.



School 2: Advanced topics and applications

Scientific Skills Training

  • Introduction to Quantum Information by F. Schmidt Kaler
  • Internal Quantum-State Preparation by M. Drewsen
  • Ion-Molecule Reaction Theory by F. Gianturco
  • Electronic Structure Theory by O. Dulieu
  • QCL Lasers by R. Maulini
  • Generation and Application of Cold Molecules by T. Softley
  • Precision Chemical Dynamics and Quantum Control of Ultra-cold Molecular Ion Reactions by K. Brown

Complementary Skills Training

  • Complementary Skills Session by J. Hecker Denschlag and S. Willitsch
  • Student Sessions by M. DePalatis
  • Public Engagement Workshop 1 by M. DePalatis

Practical Course

  • Radiofrequency electronics
  • introduction to radiofrequency (rf) electronics
  • rf generators
  • rf amplifiers
  • rf supplies for ion traps

by M. DePalatis and S. Stahl


Internal participants: 

Internal participants are already signed up as their participation is mandatory. Please send you travel arrangements to Celia ( as soon as you have them. Note that fellows must present their progress reports (deadline 15 April 2015).

External participants:

External participants can sign up for Monday and Tuesday here: COMIQ_School_Ulm (payment by credit card open until 18 May 2015). The fee is 100 EUR and covers coffee breaks and lunch.

External participants must take care of travel and accommodation expenses themselves.

Note on the progress report (ESRs)

The progress report is divided into three parts: 

  1. A written report (instructions below) 
  2. A poster for the Tuesday poster session
  3. A 18 min (15+3) project progress talk Tuesday
  4. A 10 min (8+2) Mid-Term Review Meeting talk Wednesday (In this session you are also very welcome to also present yourself, where you come from, what kind of person you think you are etc.)

Please address your plans for secondment in the talks.

Logos are available, please use them. 

The written report should contain the following: 

  1. Project description
  2. Progress status
  3. What are the major/critical challenges
  4. Near future work plan
  5. Figures and references (5 or so)

Please keep it to ~3 pages. The deadline for the progress report is Wednesday 15 April 2015. Send it to


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