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Johannes Heinrich joins COMIQ

Johannes joins the group of Prof. Hilico at CNRS Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel on 1 October 2014.

2014.09.23 | Celia Haldan Voetmann

Johannes Heinrich

Johannes Heinrich graduated from Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg with a degree in physics in 2013. Having worked on frustrated magnetism under supervision of Prof. Hanke, he joined briefly the department of technology and innovation at the SGL Group in Meitingen, where he was tasked with simulating instabilities in the Hall-Héroult process. After a stay at the university of Ulm under supervision of Prof. Hecker-Denschlag he now joins Prof. Hilico's group at the LKB in order to work on spectroscopy of captured and cooled hydrogen molecular ions.

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