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Ashwin Boddeti joins COMIQ

Ashwin Boddeti joined the group of Prof. Michael Köhl in Bonn 1 July 2015.

2015.07.01 | Celia Haldan Voetmann

I recently obtained my Integrated Master of Science from UM-DAE Center for Excellence in Basic Science, Mumbai, India. For my Master's thesis I worked in Prof. Sushil Mujumdar's group at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai on mesoscopic light transport phenomena in disordered dielectric media. In Prof. Michael Koehl's group at University of Bonn, I will be working on trapped ions. The primary focus of my research training at Bonn would be to carry out quantum state preparation of ions, study the coherence and decoherence of trapped ions and develop tools for fast readout of quantum states.

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