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Alexander Dörfler joins COMIQ

Alexander Dörfler joins the group of prof. Stefan Willitsch in Basel on 1 August.

2014.07.28 | Celia Haldan Voetmann

Alexander Dörfler

Alexander Dörfler received his Master's degree in physics from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Working in the group of Univ. Prof. Dr. Wester he was investigating the photo dissociation of vibrationally excited molecules with the goal to verify the excited fraction in order to further study ion molecule reactions of vibrationally excited molecules using reactive scattering and velocity map imaging. Joining Stefan Willitsch's group in Basel he will focus on the project to explore quantum effects in cold collisions of ultracold atoms and molecules with quantum-state-selected, cold molecular ions in an ion-neutral hybrid trap.

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