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2015.09.01 | COMIQ

Brianna Heazlewood joins COMIQ

Brianna Heazlewood takes over from Tim Softley

2015.07.01 | COMIQ

Ashwin Boddeti joins COMIQ

Ashwin Boddeti joined the group of Prof. Michael Köhl in Bonn 1 July 2015.

2015.02.25 | COMIQ

Outreach: The properties of matter at ultralow temperatures

25 February 2015: Public lecture aimed at high school students at University of Bonn.

2015.01.27 | COMIQ

Outreach: The properties of matter at ultralow temperatures

27 January 2015: Public lecture aimed at female high school students at University of Bonn (only girls!)

Prof. Michael Köhl

2014.12.29 | COMIQ

Publication: Photon Emission and Absorption of a Single Ion Coupled to an Optical-Fiber Cavity

Prof. Köhl at University of Bonn publishes his results in PRL.

2014.11.13 | COMIQ

Publication: Observation of electric-dipole-forbidden infrared transitions in cold molecular ions

Prof. Stefan Willitsch at University of Basel publishes in Nature Physics.

Scheme of the experimental setup. LCE, laser control electronics (current driver and temperature controller); PA, preamplifier, bold arrows represent electrical current through the QCL.
Frequency noise PSD of the QCL measured in freerunning (A) and stabilized (B) conditions. The thin line above 100 kHz for the free-running QCL is an extrapolation of the 1∕f noise used for the linewidth determination. The “C” curve shows the frequency noise reduction achieved when stabilizing the QCL frequency to the side of the N2O transition using the same stabilization electronics and the optical signal from the MCT detector as an error signal. The corresponding full width at half-maximum (FWHM) linewidth of the laser calculated using the concept of the β-separation line [11] is also indicated in each case (at 10-ms observation time).
Simultaneous time series of the measured voltage, calculated electrical power and measured optical frequency fluctuations for the free-running (t < 10 ms) and stabilized (t > 10 ms) QCL.

2014.11.10 | COMIQ

Publication: All-electrical frequency noise reduction and linewidth narrowing in quantum cascade lasers

An easy way of laser frequency noise suppression was developed in Alpes Lasers in cooperation with the University of Neuchâtel.

Johannes Heinrich

2014.09.23 | COMIQ

Johannes Heinrich joins COMIQ

Johannes joins the group of Prof. Hilico at CNRS Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel on 1 October 2014.

Lorenzo Petralia

2014.09.15 | COMIQ

Lorenzo Petralia joins COMIQ

Lorenzo Petralia joins group of Prof. Tim Softley at Oxford University on 15 September.

2014.08.01 | COMIQ

1st COMIQ Newsletter

The first COMIQ newsletter is out now.

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